Car stereo DCC822 (No more sound)

After it worked perfectly for 2 days , today my car stereo decided to stop playing dcc tapes. It decided to only switch from a side to b side. All is working fine but it just does not play anymore. After the portables it is now the car stereo that really let me down.

But my 951 works like a charm !!

Keep breathing! :wink:

Why am i doing this to myself? 2 days of fun for lots of money.
Are there belts in this ‘dcc’ player ? The switching from a to b side takes place on all tapes i put in…even Pre-Recorded, and they are all playing in my 951.

Have someone look at it first.
It indeed might be simply belts like on both my DCC170’s

Problem is who is somebody ? I knew a guy, but i cannot trust him anymore (and he probably cant fix a carstereo), i can 't find any instruction on YouTube… I do not have any trust in a regular (not a dcc-guy) car-stereo guy, so i have a huge problem on my hands.

I don’t know w if you’re in NL or not and if so, where.

But e.g. ProAVS in Weesp or the DCC museum might be able to help.

Since you’re a patreon, shooting DrDCC a mail might be an option.
However, the DCC museum is in de US and that implies international shipping.

ProAVS is known on the MFB-freaks forum:

Last but not least there is a guy called ‘Alex’ on who deals in R-DAT and S-DAT.
He also does repairs. Maybe contact him?

And: no, I’m not affiliated to any of them, but I refer to them if what I see is above my
knowledge level.

Kind Regards,
Marout Sluijter-Borms
Amsterdam NL


Hi, ProAvs is most likely your best option in the Netherlands.
We have worked with him in the past for local (Dutch) repairs.

You are dealing with nearly 30 year old equipment. Just like any car that old, this equipment needs maintenance. If you are pro-active (with belts, pinch rollers, capacitors etc), you really can get many more years out of your equipment.


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Yes, i will give him a call tomorrow. Thanks all for the tips !!

Why can´t i buy a DCC822 belt, what belt to use in this model ?

@Jorn did you still have that size belt for the 822?


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Last saturday i send the unit to ProAvs. :+1:


Sorry but I don’t have this available, but If you demand/like I can check