Can the 2nd gen tray size differ?

A mechanism from a DCC300 fits in a DCC600 including the clip and all screws, but the tray died not open. Could there be a very small difference, they have also quite an age difference?

I seriously doubt that.

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All 2nd generation recorders were intended to use the same mechanism and electronics, as a way to produce a lot of variety at reduced cost. So the mechanisms should be the same in all recorders.

That being said, I remember reading a service bulletin about the tray getting stuck under the Philips logo, and the advice to cut off (or file off) a small piece of the part of the tray that sticks out on top and is used to detect that the tray is open(?). So they may have done a small modification during production that makes older and newer decks and mechanisms slightly incompatible. The difference shouldn’t be very big, though.

=== Jac

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Thank you for the reminder, I read that, too but I did not remember it.