Blu Ray Discs Documentary DCC....There Is Still Music Left To Write by Jeremy Heiden

Jeremy Heiden is currently testing the Blu Ray version of the dcc documentary.
It will be a multi disc packaging, including all the original, uncut interviews.

It will have a screen and speaker built in, that is able to play the entire documentary in HD as well.

More information in the next few months.

Sample video of packaging:


Looks great. I will try to finish the subtitles in the German subtitles in meantime, what is the deadline?

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Jeremy said one week, so timing is key.

I can offer a version where I remove the worst mistakes of the automatic translation, everything else is not really manageable, with the many aborted beginnings of sentences.

Love it how it looks, also the retro colors in the text.

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@drdcc Could you invite Jeremy Heiden to the forum, I would like to discuss some things.

Then let’s not include it in the Blu Ray. We need it close to perfect and there is not enough time.@jac used a lot of free time on the English and Dutch translations.

The UPC/EAN bar code looks too small. I think there are standards for how big the bar code needs to be.

You also have to be careful with logos such as BluRay; some of those need to be licensed I think. I’m not a lawyer though.

If you can, you may want to start with an automatic translation from my Dutch subtitles. In the English subtitles, I literally typed the words that the speakers were saying, including all the broken sentences, grammar errors and everything. But in the Dutch subtitles I fixed most mistakes of the original Google voice recognition.and took some minor liberties to remove all mistakes and make it clear what the speakers are actually saying, rather than literally translating the words,


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UPC code is correct 12 for USA and Europe will add a 0.
The legal issue for the BluRay logo is real and Jeremy is looking into it right now.
Good thinking.

We are allowed to use the logo’s according to legal.

Great idea. Dutch and German have a similar synray., so less mistakes should occur.

No, I didn’t mean the number of digits, I meant the actual physical size of the bars. I know most bar code readers nowadays can read small bar codes but in case you haven’t noticed, most articles in the supermarket have bar codes that are roughly the same size.

According to a quick Google search, the nominal size is 1.469” wide by 1.02“ high. minimum size of upc barcode - بحث Google‏


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We are within the 20% margin according to Jeremy.

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If you need a translation in Italian, I am here…

Hi, We would love for you to work on this, but on your YouTube channel.
For BR it is only possible as a custom disc.
We have allowed users to add and so far we have English, Dutch and Hungarian. Italian would be great.

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I don’t have, actually, any YouTube channel. If you help me I can create one; if you explain how I can add italian translation, I’ll start my work. Thanks!

You can actually do it on our channel I believe. You can add the subtitle and edit right there

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Ok, I get to work…


Let me know when you are done, as I have to approve the revisions.

Thanks again

I have made almost 15 minutes of traduction until now. I am sure that tomorrow or after tomorrow I’ll finish my job. When I finished, I’ll alert you in this thread.