Black out issue

Have used my dcc 951 for many years without issues
However recently I’ll switch it on and after a few minutes the display blacks out and nothing works
Although I can see the lines through the display as though there is power still going through.
Is this just an old soldering problem or something more complex ?

This is not an easy problem to diagnose or fix. It could be a problem with the power supply, it could be something else.

If it plays for a little while, chances are high that it’s a small problem that can be easily fixed.


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If I’m using another component say my cd950 cdplayer in my 900 series system .I’ll look over after about 5 minutes and the display is out . Some times it comes back on again if I’ve had the system switched on for a while .
If I’m using the dcc player it’s seems less likely to switch off mid track but has done so some times .

You could tap the player on the side (gently) to see if it’s a loose contact.

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I had a similar issue on my unit. Eventually became totally dead. Turned out to be a dry joint on the power supply area of the pcb. Never had any further issues once re-flowed with solder.

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I had mine checked same problem! guess that’s understandable after all these years