Ben Liebrand DCC nominated for packaging award

We are nominated for the best Audio Packaging Award 2020-2021 for our Ben Liebrand Media Box DCC Release. The judges decision and ceremony can be followed live via Webinar on Wednesday February 24th, 2PM in New York. Time is local.

You can join us for free. Registration via this link:…/WN_cymIin0PTpWlMnSL-ZEDQA…


Congrats!! Registered. We’ll be ready with popcorn and drinks :partying_face:


And the winner is… Ben Liebrand and the DCC Museum!! :partying_face::champagne::trophy:

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Great, congrats!


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Great! :beers:

We won in the “Best Cassette Package” category!

Congratulations to Ben Liebrand, Jeremy Heiden and Ralf Porankiewicz!

See Making Vinyl Packaging Awards 2020! from Bryan Ekus on Vimeo for the video. We were nominated in some other categories too but the winning category is around the 14 minute mark.



No way!!! That is awesome! Congrats you all this is just an outstanding achievement!

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