BASF cassette type missing in DCC museum overview?

Last week I obtained a small collection of new and used DCC tapes.
One new (sealed) and a few used BASF Digital Maxima 90 minutes cassettes. The used ones and the new one all had with the white felt, that exhibited the squeaking noise. Both the new and the used tapes appeared to be non-recordable on my DCC951 (as expected, and new felts are underway from the dcc museum, thanks to @drdcc.

However the package also comprised but a few sealed BASF Digital Maxima 60 minutes cassettes with a colored rainbow mark on the cassette and more importantly with a brown! felt!



Theylook different from the ones in the blank tapes section of the museum

I have opened one and the recording and playback are very good (without squeaks due to the brown felt I presume).

best regards, Pieter

Thanks for sharing. Seems like a very early edition. @Jorn is the specialist.
We have them at the museum, but sealed. At least I think it is the same. Jorn are we missing them on the site?

Hi Ralf,

de achterzijde van de verpakking is anders dan op de site.

Door het cellofaan is de cassette zelf en het kleurmerk zichtbaar, en niet een afbeelding van een opengewerkte cassette.


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The back side of the version on the site has an drawing of an open cassette, in my version you can see the black cassette and color logo through the transparent packaging 2nd picture above, still sealed).
I also expect the felt color to be different.

@Pieter_Swinkels & @drdcc Pieter is correct that’s different how it’s sealed, but I don’t be leave that’s an other dcc, like Ralf is saying maybe an earlier release version, But I will save a copy of this picture for future update’s

Understand. Thanks for the clarification After further investigation ,we do have the sealed version as well. When @Jorn is visiting the museum we will compare notes on the database.

:+1: nice!