Bad capacitors in DCC 170

Hi DCC fans,
Since I found some bad capacitors in my DCC 134 player last week I also chekced my 2 DCC 170 recorders. I found leaking caps there too, especially the 220uf were in bad shape. Hopefully in a few days the new caps will arrive so I can replace them all.



Remember to remove all traces of the electrolyte, especially from vias! It is so aggressive that it can destroy thin traces and vias entirely over time, so once detected, an ultrasonic and/or through solvent cleaning is a good idea to prevent further damage

Hi Didyman,
Thanks. Yes you’re right. I’m cleaning everything before soldering the new caps.

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do you think it is good practice to remove and replace all the caps or just the leaking ones? - and how do you know that they are leaking ?

Hi Renault,
Yes, I think it is. It is not allways obvious which capacitors are leaking. With some I only noticed the leakage after removing the capacitors. Also there will be a good chance that capacitors you don’t replace will leak soon. With leaking capacitors you can see either some fluid like or brownish dirt, like on the picture. But as I said you may only see it after the cap is removed. Sometimes the solder joints are not bright and shiny anymore.

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does anyone supply a kit of caps for each model of deck or is it a case of buying the appropriate individual caps ?

Not that I’m aware of. I bought the caps at an online store (Conrad).