Anyone have and 900 series Remotes?

I have a 900 series system , DCC-900 , CDC-935, FR-910, FC-910. However I have no remotes, I was mainly looking for a the receiver remote, I saw a DCC remote on ebay, but was wondering if anyone happened to have any others they would be willing to sell :slight_smile:

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I moved your post to a new section for that purpose, will be there for all Patrons in the future. Hope you find the remotes you need soon.

Hello moon man, I have several remotes for the Philips 900 series. Could you be a bit more specific and mention exactly what you are looking for? Remote Type Number or something? Cheers, Hugo

Hello ! Mainly looking for the receiver I have a FR-910 , I also have a DCC-900 and CDC-936. I have a universal remote but it won’t change the source, and the media buttons only work for the CD player. Thanks !

Please discuss the details of your possible transaction via private message.

OK, need to look if I have something. Will get back to you via private message.

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