Another release of.... Grease

Hello DCC community,

Next to the Polygram release that is in the Museum’s catalog there is a Polydor release of the Grease motion picture album @Jorn exclusively licensed to Polydor UK by Polygram.

The playlist is the same however it does have slightly different artwork with a second Grease logo added and ‘Manufactured in The Netherlands’ no longer added.

The catalog number of this release is 817-888-5

More to come :slight_smile:



That’s intresting I knew that there was a other one, with the following number 817 998-5

So there are at least 3 versions:

  • 817 998-5 (cover as above)
  • 817 988-5 (cover as above)
  • 825 095-5 (as on dccmuseum site)

@drdcc, can you do a x-check in the museum collection.


We do not have the 817-998-5, but 3 copies of the other version.




I never noticed this until now :slight_smile:

817 998-5 is the version I have. I never knew there were other versions of it either. I can only assume they were intended for different national/international markets due to licensing issues, or which entities had the release rights for various markets?

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