Another 300, another problem

Now this one loads OK, but only plays the cassette B sides as can be seen in the video. A sides sometimes display text, occasional snippets of audio on some tapes and can run into fast forward on loading. B sides, if a tape has material, run perfectly. Is there a factory reset? And it doesn’t play analogue at all…

Clean the head intensively and also check if someone has tried to adjust the head (you should not btw). It should play analog.


Hi Ralf, cleaned the heads thoroughly with the Philips cleaning cassette, still no side A on DCC, but this is what happens with analogue now, side A first, then B. This might be simpler…

The mechanism looks very new and untouched, so I don’t think heads have been tampered with.

The wow and flutter… It looks like you need new belts, or something else is mechanically wrong.

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:+1:OK, out it comes again, and thanks for your great video guides BTW. Out of interest, what else should I look out for if I replace the belts? Ta

I would replace the pinch rollers as well.
We have the complete kit with belts and pinch rollers.
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