Analogue cassette used in DCC

Hi team

There is a local auction for a technics RS DC10

The person selling wants 400 USD but indicated he never used DCC tapes and solely used it for analogue use.

Question in general would it affect the machine if it never was used for digital. Would it affect the play back heads etc?

I am not sure if it is a good price for the machine


The abrasive properties of some analogue tapes can affect the heads severely, they even added a protective film for the sole purpose of trying to protect the head for analogue playback. This is by far not a good price, you don’t know how severe the damage from leaked capacitor and so on is, 1st-gen recorders are error-prone or even if it is still able to play DCC.

@drdcc sells one for 599 USD fully serviced including new belts, new capacitors and everything else required:

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Oh thank you for your response. I was hoping to buy a dcc170 from him on eBay early next month when I get paid:)

Yes was afraid that analogue might do some harm to the deck.