Adjusting analog tape speed Marantz DD-82


Does anyone know where to adjust the analog tape speed of a Marantz DD-82 (DCC900)? I can’t seem to find where I can do the adjustment.

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Did hou download the service manual?
Are you sure the tape speed needs adjusting?

Never had to this before, so that is why I am asking.


Yes, I downloaded the manual and I can’t find the right information nor any speed setting on the boards. The analog tape speed is way too slow (digital tape speed is corrected by the system itself, AFAIK). Tape speed can be adjusted on the DCC600 motherboard, so I figured it had to be an option on the DCC900 too.

There are two PR’s for that (one per cassette side), located at Tray Loader PCB (attached on the right side of mechanism).

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Thank you for the info!

Kind regards from Holland!