A New ITTS DCC Video Box, that is plug and Play

Just before the 30th. Anniversary year ends, we are able to share another great DCC innovation achieved this year.

This time coming from Germany. A new, plug and play ITTS DCC Video box.

Thomas donated one box, he made extra for the DCC Museum and we will do our own follow up video, investigating this more. First tests are amazing.

Here is a video link of the creator Thomas Falkner.



Thats amazing! Now i want one too :slight_smile:

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An ITTS box that works with all recorders and works around encoding mistakes is an enormous step forward for the DCC community. I hope Thomas makes this into a product that enthusiasts can buy online, or (even better) that he will share his source code with the world.


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You can buy one.


Welkom to the Forum Falkenauge.

Anyone interested in the new ITTS box, feel free to PM Falkenauge directly, as commercial activities
Are not allowed on the forum.