A little chance but I go for it!

I wrote an email to the Philips museum to find out if there is an ever so slightly chance that there is some new old stock parts for our recorders… especially the heads and the read write amplifiers for the first generation.

Also I did question about the reproduction system for new releases, one we don’t know if there is a version left.

I did this on behalf of the DCC MUSEUM and I took some liberty here and I apologise beforehand, but I felt there isn’t much time to waste… I wrote this in Dutch because obviously the Museum is in Holland so that is the tongue they speak. I forward the message I send in its original language because some of us do speak this strangly enough… but at the end of it I will provide a short hand to explain whatever I wrote in English… here we go…

Goeie dag, mijn naam is Hans de Graaf en voor het DCC (Digital Compact Cassette) Museum heb ik de volgende vraag:

Sinds er voor het DCC systeem weer een vernieuwde belangstelling is, is er een grote behoefte aan reserveonderdelen om de onder de liefhebber aanwezige apparatuur gaande te houden. Het DCC museum heeft zelf al een aantal succesvolle reproducties gemaakt maar er zijn natuurlijk een aantal cruciale onderdelen die niet zomaar na gemaakt kunnen worden, zoals koppen maar ook de read-write ampifiers voor met name de eerste generatie DCC-recorders. Weet U of er nog oude voorraad bestaat waarover het Dcc-Museum zou kunnen beschikken ten einde de huidige systemen in leven te houden.
Ook zou er, omdat er weer nieuwe releases op DCC verschijnen, behoefte zijn naar de duplicatie systemen. Voor zover ons bekend is daar niets meer van over maar wellicht heeft U andere informatie.

Mocht U enige informatie hebben omtrent het bestaan van zulke voorraden dan zou ik dat graag van U horen, of als U weet met wie ik me in verbinding zou moeten stellen dan zou ik die informatie graag van U hebben.

Het is allemaal al lang geleden en ik ben niet naïef, zelfs uitsluiting van zulke voorraden zou ook al een eind schelen want dan moeten we op eigen kracht kijken hoe we de toekomst van DCC veilig gaan stellen.

Hopend op Uw antwoord verblijf ik:
Hans de Graaf, lid DCC Museum…

I stated that the DCC format is far from dead and that it is seeing new light of day. But also that we are in desperate need of resources of pivotal components like tape heads and read/write amplifier board for the first generation recorders (Dcc 900 and its decendants.)
Also I ask for the reproduction system available back in the day. If there is maybe a system that has survived. And rather bluntly suggested if that perhaps could be donated to the museum. Would be nice right?

So as of now there hasn’t been any response and yes @Jac warned me about this, but I couldn’t resist.
Who knows the come up with something we can actually use… wouldn’t that be great?
For now I stand a side and wait what ever may happen. And I don’t have high hopes but who knows… something good may grow out of this…

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@drdcc already talks to everyone who could reasonably help. Remember, he got the NOS blank prerecorded DCC tapes. He was in contact with the Philips museum already.

Please never ask on behalf of us without prior consultation.

I am pretty sure you mean well, but this was a wrong decision.

To be writing on behalf of the DCC Museum team, was something you should not have done.
We are constantly working with the Philips Museum and this looks very unprofessional and is also misleading as you are not a member of the DCC Museum team.
Those are listed on our website and act as official spokes-members and even those members discuss when acting on behalf of the DCC Museum.

You are a member of this forum and we value your input, but please refrain form further using our name in the future.



I got carried away a bit I suppose… my apologies.
I will not make any efforts without consulting @drdcc … I did it with the best intentions but this backfired… once again I’m sorry, this won’t happen again… :woozy_face:

The email wasn’t read… I withdrew it…
So I hope it isn’t there any more…