900 series Brochures Dcc

How often do Philips product brochures including 800 series dcc / 900 series hifi come up for sale ?

Do you mean brochures like this one or manuals? An English version exists on the Dutch mfbfreaksforum (DCC fundamentals - MFBfreaks.com)

DCC principes.pdf (4,3 MB)


That is a great document! It contains lots of information of which I’m sure I didn’t understand the meaning in 1992.

I also noticed there are lots of illustrations in color, of which Philips used black-and-white versions on their 1996 DCC web page for some reason. They could have made that web page so much more interesting to read.

=== Jac

Thanks ! Excellent reading actually.
I also found 900 series product brochures on here as well .

You are absolutely right, but this styling was a bit of a thing though. I can remember that Sony let out those service bulletins in those days… about MiniDV and Minidisc and all their other innovations back in the day. And they too had this simple minimalistic approach. Black and white, simple diagrams and a lot of text!