900 repairing.. UK

OK, started the careful teardown to check caps etc (crackly Dcc tapes, no analogue) great video very helpful. However, after checking I thought I would carefully re-assemble before ordering parts. However… The transport now behaves like this… what have I done wrong? Before at least the tapes cued and displayed info and showed levels. I’ve done something obvious?

Prints OK though… :grin:

The boards do not look that great. Lots of acid (the black spots are reactions of the acid reacting with the copper). You are really playing with fire, using it like this with leaking capacitors.

The problems you are having, seem to be the final failure of the smd caps. Nothing can be done now, other then replacing the caps first.


Wow, respect. Thank you very much, boards coming out with stat precautions. I found a small nylon roller after I posted this. Ideas please? :roll_eyes:

If it is white roller, it is used to hold the entire mech in place before you screw it back down.

It is not a significant part for operating, but once you remove the mech again you can place it back.

Hi, not prepared to repair the caps/print boards, does Dcc museum do this?

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Yes, we do. You can reach us at [email protected]