4 AAA rechargeable and interchangeable batteries solution for philips dcc 170 potrable recorder

After week of testing - Works fine.
The dcc 170 recharges all 4 AAA batteries inside.
The batteries are completely interchangeable.


Amazingly creative!

Have tried to reproduce this famous idea and in theory this works. In reality however most AAA batteries are a little to big in diameter so they squeeze the wall plastics apart and you can no longer close the player properly.
Solution would be to sand or dremel the inner wall a bit but I don,t want to do so .
So maybe it works with some batteries but not all…
Bye Michael

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Hello everyone,
i am new here and this would be a good topic to say my first words
I ran is some of the standard problems (belt and battery for my DCC 170.
I replaced the belt and it worked again!
The battery i fixed with another 25 year old device : a Conrad Computerized NiCd/NiMh/PB Charger.
I had to run some special programs on it but my capacity is now on 75 percent (it didnt even take a charge when i started). i can now listen to a complete tape.
putting it back in the charger for a few more days, i think i can end up on 85 to 90 percent.
a friend of mine has de same player, ill keep you posted if it will work on his battery to!
Greetings Fabian

Also tryed the topic starter solution and this also works like a charm, a real macgyver solution !