3D printed DCC 130 and 170/175 stands for display

After my first try with 3d-modelling (170 batterycase), I made my second and third model using tinkercad.

This time I worked on stands for the 130 and 170/175 (and others with the same dimensions) , so you can display the devices properly.

130 stand: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4336407
170 stand: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4336409

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The links are not working for me.

I created three versions for each stand: one with text, one without text and one with DCC museum logo. The logo has small fonts, not everything may be readable after printing.

Links are working here. Perhaps it takes some time before they are working. Thingiverse can be slow.

The files work now. I absolutely love the stands.

Thanks for the logo and details…

I will ask @Harrie to check them out.


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Hi @Philip_de_Lang
These are amazing.
We have tested a few samples and the potential is really nice for the dccmuseum and maybe even for fans who want to display them. A couple of questions:

  1. The back (picture with arrow) is tilted. It will cause a 130, RQDP7 or ZD1 to not sit straight. Is this by design or a possible error. The back is not straight.
  2. The logo was printed in two different ways. The stand via a normal 3D but the highly detailed badge (we painted and glued on), was printed using UV. Is it possible to create samples for every player with a name?

The names on the front should be:
Maybe it is even possible to Mention the brand name smaller on top? like Philips on the first line in smaller font and DCC 180 under it (If it looks nice, just asking)


Philips DCC 180
Philips DCC 190

For the First Generation Players:
Philips DCC 130
Panasonic RQ-DP7
Victor ZD-1

For the Third Generation Players (there is no second gen).
Philips DCC 134
Philips DCC 170
Philips DCC 175
Panasonic RQ-DR9
Marantz PMD 601

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Pics look great! The tilting is not by design, it is by accident :slight_smile: Do not know how this happened. I have redesigned the 170 stand, the device now fits like a glove. I will look into the texts, already tried a large Philips logo on the new 170 stand, and that looks really smart. I will now focus on making the 130 stand nicer.


Both models have been reworked and uploaded. I will add the texts later, have to work now :innocent:


They look great.


I have now made versions for all types with names debossed. I have made one example with DCCmuseum logo debossed too. Let me know you want me to do the rest too.

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Hi @Philip_de_Lang These look great. I will try and get them printed again here.
We used a regular 3d printer, but the fronts are done with UV, providing even better detail.

I will let you know.

I might not have a 3D printer, but i do have a CNC router at my disposal. Now i can confirm the model also works in wood :rofl:


Nice to know that this works too :slight_smile:

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The new stands locally printed in Redondo Beach,
We had the sign separated and extruded the logo/lettering.
Came out really nice. We will spray paint the logo later.

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Hi there, it seems that one file is missing on thingyverse? The (nicest) one with the DCC logo in the middle