3 dcc 900 defect... I just bid on them

I saw a add on Marktplaats for 3 dcc 900’s
I bid on them just to restore them to health… I will guide us all through the process so keep tuned!

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I just payed 200 euros for 3 dcc 900’s.
Now we begin!
And if I bought a lemon… the parts will go to the museum…


Good luck! You can search for capacitors that need to be replaced, like for easter eggs :sweat_smile:.


My bunny is allready outhere!


I’ve got the 2 boards out of the first dcc900… and on the read write board I detect this glue…
Haven’t seen this before??? Can’t see any electrolyte, that is the good news but removing the seems to be a challenge. Did any of you encounter this? Or might it just be that they are allready replayced? I don’t believe I am the first in this recorder…

@drdcc @Max @Jac
What do you think if you see this? Are these caps already replaced? Is this the handywork of a technician who abandoned it after realising the head has gone?

In the pics it looks like transparent silicone bathroom sealant.
That might peel off easily with an x-acto blade and tweezers/fingers.

Otherwise, you could try if it is some form of transparent hotsnot from a glue gun.
Touch it woth soldering iron and see if it becomes malleable/fluid.
A hot air soldering station might be helpful in this case.

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Thank you! I figured as much my self. It is relatively soft to the touch but definitely no silicone… it is a glue of some sort, so I think (if the caps are bad) that heat will solve the problem!
But thanks for these suggestions, gives me more weapons in the arsenal!

This has been recapped for sure.
The reason for the glue might be that the pads under the SMD caps are weak and the Capacitor was still moving. This way it will stay in place.

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Well… than the question remains… why is the recorder silent?
Can you exchange the boards to other players to check them out? My fear is that this head is gone…

I will try to measure the caps in circuit with sharp probes. The glue is rather soft so I guess this will work. If these results are in check with the specifications I will declare this board sound.
Since there is no risk of further damaging heads I will travel this board thrue the other 2 players ti see if there is any life left in those heads. Service mode will tell me I hope…
Vingers crossed!

I know… the knowledge on this forum is large and deep. But I am reading the service manual for the DCC900 and came to the part that handles the different signals… It contains approx 10 pages!!!
That is what happens when you press play or record!!! That is mind blowing!!! And all of this is engineered by people…
I am lost for words…

Collected capacitors, solder station, nerve etc…

If one has recapped the r/w board and the da/ad board and in service mode it is all FFFFFFF and 11111111 while in record pause with a digital source and a analogue source all is fine… it is the head isn’t it?

If that is the case I’ve got 3 recorders with busted heads…

The 900’s sound great in record pause from a line source but are absolutely silent in playback apart from a mild hiss with an analogue tape.

Could also be the boards, but based on the listing you bought them from, these units might be touched already by someone else?

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Yes sir, I suspect these recorders are abandoned repair projects… two of the boards were allready recapped only to find out that the heads were busted. 1 was with original caps and I replaced those. But sadly that head was gone also…
Would you be interested in the electronics and transports? You can have them for free…


Sorry it did not work out.

We would be interested in the read-write boards and audio board connected to it.
We have plenty of mechanisms, power supplies and main boards etc.

Thanks for offering.

It’s allright, I took a gamble and I lost. I will part them out and send them to you.

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I think such a set if offered from one person should always considered critically. There is a quite high probability that you get abandoned or touched units. Normally you don’t know if somebody has touched it before you open it. I prefer to buy units from different sources to have better statistical chance to get untouched and perhaps hardly used unit.

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As you’d understand… I got carried away by the prospect. As soon as I opened them up I realised my mistake. That I wil not do any more.
Of course you are right, I learned the hard way, but that’s okay!