Tape stuck in my DCC951

Guys, I put my just discovered tape in my DCC951 and guess what…it won’t come out anymore. Display says BLOCKED, it still winds tape forward and backwards, it doesn’t play and it don’t come out. Is There a way to get the tape manually out of the tray ? I cannot get the cover of because it will not give me enough room. I really regret putting this tape in…

If you take the cover off, you can rotate the wheel on the side of the mechanism (in opposite direction of what you might expect) and it will either pull the drawer in or push it out. If you rotate the wheel and can’t get it to go any further beyond some point, I’m afraid it’s necessary to take it further apart. Sorry I don’t know what could be wrong. In most cases where this happens, it’s just the belt that doesn’t have enough friction anymore. Maybe you put in a cassette with a sticker that peeled off and got stuck on the mechanism, or something?


Jack, thnx for answering so quickly. I cannot get the tray cover of because it wont come out. Trying to do it manually by rotating the wheel inside will not work because when i manually rotate the belt-wheel (on the side) the mechanisme only goes a little up and the the wheel is very stuck, and it wont move any further. I cannot get the whole mechanisme out because of that tray-cover i cant dismantle that the easy way

I dismantled the complete unit (worst thing that could happen is that i would destroy my DCC,but what to do). At some point the tray cover plopped of, without breaking it. I could lift out the complete unit. Then I really really put some pressure on the tray-belt wheel, and the wheel did it’s job. And i finally got the tape out. ‘The ultimate DCC collection’ is sleeping in the trash-can tonight…thats for sure !! All is in working order right now… Hopefully tomorrow will be an easy DCC day ! With only joy and no dispair !!

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Sounds like you need a new tray belt, [email protected]. Don’t put the poor prerecorded tape in the trash, it sounds good.

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You don’t have very much luck now have you!
I hope this karma will go away soon!