Malfunction with dcc 951dcc

I am sending this email from greece.First of all,good evening.My problem is,when i play dcc cassetes,everything is going all right,concerning tapes that had been buyed prorecorded,or blank tapes,that had been recorded by myself.On the other hand,when i play analogue tapes,prorecorded or recorded by myself,there is something wrong.When the tape in the beginning is moving smoothly,afterwords is moving slowly.The same is happenning in autoreverse mode.Can you tell me,what’s wrong

Hi and welcome.

Is this happening with all analog tapes? I have seen this before but it was always the tape, that became sticky over the years.

It could be belts or pinch rollers, but you should have some problems with dcc playback as well.

Naturally it is best to never use any analog tape in a dcc player. The wear and tear on the head has been well documented.

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