DDC600 Repair Number 2

Received a second DCC600 today which I was told had issues where sometimes it would play and sometimes it would not. My first instinct was belts. So I have replaced the belts and now it seems to play every time. The issue I have now is that during play, at an random moment the unit seems to shut down. No display and then repowers. This only seems to happen when I play a cassette, analogue or digital.

One question on my mind is the belt width, the original belt is 3,5 mm width and I am using 5mm. length and thickness are the same.


OK removing the 5mm belt and going back to the original 3.5mm belt, which I cleaned, seems now to work without issue! Anyone know where, in the UK, I can source some 95mm dia x 0.5mm x 3.5mm or similar…

Please note the one that did not work was 93mm dia x 05.mm x 5mm :wink:


We do not have them in stock right now, but they should come in soon.
I have not heard of this problem. Interesting.


I have. See here: DCC600 met probleem: we zijn iets verder - MFBfreaks.com
In Dutch unfortunately.
Summary: the deck is still not fixed; it has an occasional spark somewhere in the drive mechanism.

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Thanks, but that belt is the 5mm one. That is to wide to accurately play?
The tray belt works from them.



This will work.
We have worked with him before.


I did see those belts on Ebay but wanted to try and source a cheaper option before going that way.

I have just ordered a batch of different belts from Dönberg Electronics, in Ireland. The belt they have is 97mm dia x 0.5mm x 4mm. The original belt on the DCC600 seems to be 95.5mm dia x 0.5mm x 3.5mm and the belt that did not work was 93mm dia x 0.5mm x 5mm. I wondered if the shorter belt and wider fit was putting too much pressure on the motor?

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OK, the new belts arrived from Ireland. 97mm x 0.5 x 4mm. Looks a better fit and although the DCC600 did reset twice to begin with, which I assume may be down to the belt getting itself in a better position, the play has been flawless since. I also used the same belt in a DCC951 and that has been without issue. So happy days…