DD82 overheat system activate

Hi team,

A pleasure to read from your culture!

I finally decided to repair both cards, changing the failure caps.

The leakage was important, so I used a lot of cotton sticks with IPA to clean it, but the corrosion seems to be letal.

I have changed all the caps, but after insert the PZ03 and power on, the display doesn’t start and a relay sound starts and stop run. Inmediatelly, I powered off the device. So it seems the card is in shortcircuit…

Is it possible to be damaged the caps leakage with IPA dilution? I don’t have a ultrasound clean cabinet but I see it is totally needed…

I attached four pictures to share if anybody see any mistake on card work.IMG_20200717_113436

Any help will be appreciated!

Best regards from Barcelona and sorry for my english!

Welcome to the forum. Are you sure you have the card in the right position? The failure you are describing also happens when:

  • The card is 180 degrees turned (the connector with flat cable should be pointing towards the front).
  • The flat cable coming from the head is inserted the wrong way (contacts have to be on the inside, you can actually see the blue ribbon on top).

The board does not look that clean to me. Lots of black sports that can be removed with nail polish remover and a cotton swap. Even if you do not have the ultrasonic device, this will help.

If the 03 is defect, you can actually swap it with a new one.


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Thanks Ralf for your fast response.

I will try the nail polish (acetone I understand) with a interteeth brush.

No problem.
If you need a different restored PW03 contact me at [email protected]