DCC600 Play button into DCC730 (or square peg into round hole)

So I couldn’t let a great price, great condition, works perfect, mint inside DCC730 pass me by even if the play button was missing! But, I did already have a DCC600 that has seen better days and by happy coincidence was missing it’s stop button, so a play button was up for grabs. Now I know the 600’s play button isn’t exactly the same shape as the 730’s but I needed somehing to fill the hole (and hopefully operate play mode as well). So after 3 hours of carefull disassembly and swearing, careful trimming, small plastic packers and super glue my 730 is now proud owner of a play button! I don’t think it looks too bad(!) and from some angles doesn’t stand out much but at least I can give the decl pride of place in my setup and give my working 600 some well earned rest! I’ve enclosed a few pics of the job so see what you think.


Interesting solution, have fun with your DCC730 :+1:.

Thanks @Max, I couldn’t have it just sitting there with a hole in it!

Nice hack!